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Gestational Diabetes Complication – Diabetes during pregnancy

Share:What are the complications if you’re diabetic during pregnancy? There is no bigger gift than to have life growing inside you! Certain hormonal changes in the body, your ethnicity, lifestyle, and your weight can make you diabetic during pregnancy. Though temporary, the symptoms of gestational diabetes and its complications might adversely affect your baby. When Read More

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Symptoms of Diabetes in Children – Juvenile Diabetes – Apollo Sugar

Share:Signs that indicate Juvenile Diabetes Juvenile diabetes or type 1 diabetes in children is an endocrine illness that has numerous long term complications if it is not managed properly. In recent studies, it was found that there is a slow but steady increase in the number of cases of type 1 diabetes in children below Read More

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How diabetes differs in men and women – Symptoms of Diabetes -Apollo Sugar

Share:How diabetes differs in men and women Does diabetes have a gender bias? Are there any differences in the symptoms of diabetes in men and women? Let us find out how diabetes affects men and women differently. It is the same topic of conversation in the park with senior citizens, among endocrinologists and diabetologists world Read More

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Ramadan Fasting Myths that you should avoid

Share:#RamadanKareem. The spirit of Ramadan has taken over the city and along with the surge of spirituality, the air filled with the sweet aroma of Ramadan special foods. Even as the harsh summer has come to an end with breezy evenings, people are lining up to enjoy the treats of Ramadan food. However, for those Read More

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Apollo Sugar wishes you a Healthy Ramadan

Share:Managing Ramadan Fasting for Diabetics O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard against evil (The Holy Quran, 2:183) The city is decked up with Haleem and Harees centres, and mosques are decorated with bright lights. It’s Ramadan time again! As Read More

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What are the symptoms of Gestational Diabetes?

Share:Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is defined as glucose intolerance that begins or is first detected during pregnancy. The detection of gestational diabetes is important because of its associated maternal and fetal complications. According to the ADA guidelines, patients should be screened for gestational diabetes during pregnancy at their initial visit Gestational diabetes develops because pregnancy Read More

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Questions you should ask your diabetes specialist

Share:The credentials of the diabetic specialist chosen by you will go a long way in influencing your quality of life – of course, after you have been diagnosed with diabetes. You cannot walk into a specialist’s office just like that – simply because there is no room for rushed decisions in these cases. Let us Read More

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All you need to know about diabetes and its symptoms

Share:Diabetes doesn’t really come without a sign. You might have just been diagnosed with diabetes. The post-diagnosis period might as well be followed by confusions – whereby you are completely unable to figure out how it happened, when it happened and why you couldn’t “see” it coming! What are the “minor” symptoms that you shouldn’t Read More

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Fight diabetes with the right diet and exercises

Share:Are you a patient of Diabetes Mellitus? Life is difficult for diabetic patients. There is constant pressure from your loved ones to refrain from your favorite desserts and from anything laced from sugar. Plus, there are various associated complications related to mouth, skin, hypertension etc to deal with. However, resorting to a few measures does Read More

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Diabetes Management: Mistakes You Can Avoid

Share:Look up the internet and you will probably come to know that there are millions across the globe affected by diabetes. If the figures are scary then be prepared to be scared even more by what’s coming up next. We all know that diabetes management is not an uphill task. You can follow a few Read More