As part of our continued efforts to enhance the quality of care delivered at Apollo Sugars Clinics, we organize Continuous Medical Education activities on a regular basis to constantly engage our clinical community through in person lectures on a variety of topics. The CME activity offers them a unique platform to exchange ideas, learnings, knowledge, best practices, and so on which helps them increase their capability in handling their professional responsibilities.

Our CME Activities

Past Activities
Year 2016
Theme: CME Clinical Update
Date: 6th September, 2015
Location : Bangalore
9 A.M. - 9.15 A.M. Registration
9.15 AM - 9.30 AM Inauguration & Lamp Lighting
Apollo Sugar Senior Management Team
9.30 AM - 9.55 AM ICMR IN-DIAB Results on National Prevalence / Lessons learnt from land mark Glucose lowering trials
Speaker Dr. Anish Behl, Senior Endocrinologist, Apollo Sugar, Mysore
chairperson Dr.Suryanarayan, Dr.Priya Chinnapa
10.00 AM - 10.25 AM Translating Guidelines to Clinical care - Relevance for Indians?
Speaker Dr. Usha Shriram, Consultant Endocrinologist, ACEER Clinics, Chennai
10.30 AM - 10.55 AM Diabetes in Pregnancy - Management & its complications from Preconception to Postnatal period
Speaker Dr. Jayashree Gopal, Senior Endocrinologist,Apollo Sugar, Chennai
11.00 AM - 11.15 AM Tea Break
Gliptin Symposium
chairperson Dr.C S Dwarakanath, Dr.Anish Behl
11.15 AM - 11.35 AM Efficacy without Efficacy Barriers
Speaker Dr.Anoop Amarnath, Consultant Geriatric Medicine, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore.
11.35 AM - 11.55 AM Letter From America - TECOS
Speaker Dr. Subramanian Kannan, Consultant Endocrinologist, NH Hospital, Bangalore.
11.55 PM - 12.15 PM Extra Glycaemic Benefits of DPP4 Inhibitors - Recent Evidences!
Speaker Dr. Tom Babu, Senior Endocrinologist, Cochin
12.15PM - 12.30 PM Remarks from the chair
chairperson Dr. Lilly Jhon & Dr. K N Manohar
12.30PM - 12.55 PM "From a Victim to an Ally " Kidney as an Emerging Target for the treatment of T2DM
Speaker Dr. K.M.Prasanna Kumar, Senior Endocrinologist, BDH & CDEC, Bangalore
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Lunch Break
2:00 P.M. - 2.35 P.M. Meet The Experts Session Cardio-Diabetic Symposium
Speaker Dr. Girish B Navasundi & Team Senior Consultant & Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, & Dr. Anish Behl
chairperson Dr. Sanjiv Rao, Dr. Aravind Jagadish
2.35 P.M. - 2.55 P.M. Evolution of Science of Premix Insulins: From Human Insulin to Co-formultaions
Speaker Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, Senior Endocrinologist, Apollo Sugar, Hyderabad
chairperson Dr. Sanjiv Rao, Dr. Aravind Jagadish, Ms. Sowmya
3.00 P.M. - 3.20 P.M. Recent Advances in Medical Nutrition therapy
Speaker Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi, Ex IDA President, Chief Clinical Dietician, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore.
3.20 P.M. - 3.35 P.M. Tea Break
chairperson Dr. C S Dwarakanath, Dr. Chitra
3.35 P.M. - 3.55 P.M. Must see in a Diabetic Eye
Speaker Dr. Shalini Shetty, Senior Consultant Ophthalmology, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore.
04.00 PM - 04.20 PM Research - How to enthuse Doctors in India?
Speaker Dr. Krishnan Swaminathan Consultant Endocrinologist, Kovai Medical Center & Hospital, Coimbatore
04.25 PM - 04.45 PM Sexual Dysfunction in Diabetes
Speaker Dr. Deepak Jumani Senior Consultant Sexual Health Physician,Mumbai
04.45 PM - 05.00 PM Open House Panel Members
Vote of Thanks / Certificate Distribution
Foot Care Workshop
08.00 AM - 08.20 AM Role of Physicians in Prevention & Management of Diabetic Foot
Speaker Dr. Sanjiv Rao, Senior Consultant Physician, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
08.20 AM - 08.40 AM Recent Surgical Advances in Management of Diabetic Foot
Speaker Dr. S.Srinivas, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon,Apollo Health City - Hyd.
08.40 AM - 08.55 AM Diabetic Footwear & Off Loading Techniques
Speaker Mr. Mallikarjun, Podiatrist, Bangalore
Theme: Cushing’s Symposium
Date: 4th September, 2015
Location : Bhubaneshwar
Time Topic / Speaker
7.00 PM – 7.05 PM Welcome and introduction to Cushing’s Dr. Pitambar Prusty
7.10 PM – 7.40 PM Diagnostic Dilemma in Cushing’s
  Speaker: DM student SCB Medical college (Dr. Ritesh Agarwal) Moderator: Dr. Arun Choudhury
7.40 PM – 8.00 PM Surgical Management of Cushing’s Speaker: Brig Dr. PK Sahoo Moderator: Prof. AK. Baliarsingh
8.00 PM – 8.30 PM Medical Management of Cushing’s Speaker: Dr. Sambit Das Moderator: Prof. AK. Baliarsingh
8.30 PM – 9.00 PM Interesting case of Cushing’s from IMS, Sum Hospital Speaker: Dr. JB. Kanwar and Dr. Abhay Sahoo
9.00 PM – 9.15 PM Panel Discussion Moderator: Dr. Dayanidhi Meher and Dr. Jayashree Swain
Closing remark and vote of thanks by Dr. Sambit Das
Theme: Diabetes Management – Emerging Trends
Date: 13th June, 2015
Location : Chennai
Time Session/Topic
1.00 PM – 2.00 PM LUNCH
2.00 PM – 2.20 PM Welcome & Introduction to Apollo Sugar Mr. Gagan Bhalla, CEO, Apollo Sugar Dr. N. Sathyabhama, DMS, Chennai region
2.20 PM – 2.45 PM State of the Art in Pancreas Transplant in Diabetes Management Speaker: Dr. Anil Vaidya, FRCS Senior Consultant Transplant Surgeon Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
2.45 PM – 3.00 PM Questions
3.00 PM – 3.45 PM Case based panel discussion on emerging trends in Glucose Monitoring Case Presentations & Facilitator: Dr. Jayashree Gopal Senior Consultant Endocrinologist and Diabetologist Apollo Sugar, Chennai
3.45 PM – 4.00 PM High Tea
Theme: EVENT4
Date: 15th October, 2015
Location : Banglore
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