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Customer satisfaction means a lot to us. When we make our customers happy, it ascertains that we’re doing the right things. We’d love to share some stories with you, and hope that you share your stories as well!

I appreciate the personal touch given to everyone. I took the Sugar90 package and also referred two of my friends for it.
-Mr. Bijendra Chauhan
I was very happy after coming to Apollo for SugarOne - said and got what I expected from the counselling.
-Mr. Farook Ali Khan
Me and my wife are both diabetic and are happy with the doctor's treatment and we are seeking guidance from the doctor for a long time.
-Mr. Mohammed Faheemuddin
I visit the clinic regularly - really appreciate the ambience and the personal touch the team has.
-Mrs. Meeta
I took the 30 day program, and was highly impressed by the diet and lifestyle counseling sessions provided by the Sugar clinic.
-Mrs. Malti
I am very happy with the Sugar clinic services - its my first year with diabetes and I am satisfied with the information provided at the clinic - happy with doctor, counsellor and executive.
-Mrs. Salma Begum
I enrolled into the Sugar90 program and am very happy with the timely consultations and investigations provided. I would personally recommend friends and family to visit the clinic.
-Mr. Manmohan Singh