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DNB (Endocrinology), DM (Endocrinology), MD (Med), MBBS

Dr. Rabindera Nath Mehrotra, Consultant Endocrinlogist & Diabetologistat Apollo Sugar Specialty :  Senior. Consultant Endocrinologist and Diabetologist
City :  Hyderabad
Clinic Location :  Jh Hospital

Dr. Rabindera Nath Mehrotra is one of the leading endocrinology specialists in Apollo and in his tenure at Apollo, has come to be known as one of the most trusted and revered specialists.

Professional Experience

Dr. Rabindera Nath Mehrotra is a Senior Consultant in the department of Endocrinology at Hyderabad, India Apollo Hospital

Professional Qualifications

  • Certified Clinical Densitometrist
  • DNB (Endocrinology)
  • DM (Endocrinology)
  • MD (Med)
  • MBBS



Dr. Rabindera Nath Mehrotra has been the Principal Investigator for:

  • A Multi centric, Randomized, Double blind, 3+2 year Trial in Osteoporosis– “PEARL TRIAL”. (Published- Title: Lasafoxifene in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, NEJM, Volume- 362, Pg. – 686-696, 2010.)
  • A Multi centric, Randomized, Double Blind, 5 year Trial in Osteoporosis– “GENERATIONS TRIAL”.
  • A Multi centric -A Phase 2B Long-Term, Randomized, Open-Label Safety and Tolerability Trial Comparing with routine care in patients with chronic painful Diabetic peripheral neuropathy.


  • Nov-Dec 2002 The Clinical Spectrum of Fibro Calculous Diabetes in North India. Mittal N, Mehrotra R, Agarwal G, Rajeswari, Choudari G, Sikora S, Bhatia E. Natl Med J India 2002 Nov-Dec; 15(6): 327-31
  • Nov 25, 1997 Extra Hepatic Portal Venous Obstruction in Children: Anthropometry, Growth hormone and Insulin like Growth Factor-1. Mehrotra RN, Bhatia V, Dabadghao P, Yachha SK. Journal of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. Nov 25 (5) 520-23. 1997.
  • April 1997 B Cell Function and Insulin sensitivity in Tropical Calcific Pancreatitis from North India. Mehrotra R.N, Bhatia E, Chaudari G. Metabolism 46(4), 441-44, April 1997.